Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First things first

I will start with the first and most important thing, a brief explanation of what this blog is and is not about. I will not be going to everlasting lengths to convince you of the truth of my faith in Christ nor am I going to play the role of conspiracy theorist and talk about how the American government seems hell-bent on destroying its own citizens and neither am I going to waste time with other petty facts that would bolster the claims I will make on this blog. No, instead, this blog will cut through opinions and philosophies and deal primarily with America's place in Biblical Scripture and how it will soon be going down in flames.

You might be saying to yourself, let's add this guy to the list of false prophets, doomsayers, and Christian kooks, ad nauseum. I beg to say it would be in your best interest to listen to me.

The audacity! Who does this guy think he is?

I'm just a redeemed sinner charged with waking up and alerting as many as I can about the impending destruction of America. And I know what you're thinking: I've heard this before - here we go again. But I assure you, I have nothing to gain by revealing the truth. I'm not asking for your money and I'm not asking for you to join some crazy cult. Nope. I'm just your warning shot. Your Voice in the Wilderness. Your Jonah in the midst of Nineveh. Just a servant of the Most High God calling out to a nation who has lost their Way.

"Why now?" you might ask. Well, it just so happens that the prophecies of the end times could only be speculated upon until they were coming to pass and now that they are, I can, with the authority of the Bible, declare to you the meaning behind it. And although I believe that the coming crisis COULD be averted (e.g. God could show grace and the prophecy could be postponed until a later date), I don't believe it will be. God has stretched out His hand against this nation and who shall stay it?

I also know that no one wants to hear this prophecy. No one wants to know that every comfort they have and everything they've worked for and all that they have loved and earned will soon be taken from them completely and utterly. My heart sinks and fails me when I think of the things the God has planned against this once great country. My heart breaks when I think of my own wife and daughter and all the elderly and the disabled and the innocent children who will be cast down alongside the wicked and immoral in the judgment by fire that will come upon America. But I can only do my part and warn the masses of what is to come and trust in the salvation of Jesus Christ (Sorry, there will be no raptures until He comes back at the end of the Great Tribulation - and a lot of terrible things happen before then. Pre-tribulation rapture is a lie that refutes what the Bible clearly says about this issue. No free rides out of this mess, even for His faithful followers.)

There are many things to be said and many things that could be said but I don't want to waste your time or weary you with much reading. I'll present compelling proofs of my claims and let you decide what course of action you'll take. Your fate is in your hands. In the course of this blog, over the next week or so, I will provide my proofs and I'll also provide very helpful tips on how to prepare not just spiritually but also materially for what is to come (contrary to popular church rapture-culture that envisages Jesus saving us from tribulation, you should be wise and prepare for the coming famine detailed in the sixth chapter of revelation.)

May the Lord be with the faithful and may He shine light on those in darkness.

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